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meditationtoursBhutan, country of Guru Rinpoche. Apart from the beautiful landscape, the fascitating people and the sightseeing points that take your breath away, there are many places, that words can barely describe. Many high practitioners and Lamas have meditated here, for months and years. In this incredible powerfield many of our buddhist friends feel that they would love to travel at a lower pace but go into more depth whereever they come.

Our spiritual tour is made by buddhist practioners for buddhist practitioners. We show you some very spezial sacred places and make sure that you have the time to understand the place, get the information you would like to get and then have time to meditate. It is a unique experience to meet the local Rinpoches, to come into contact with the nuns and monks living the monasteries and monastic school, to learn more about their way of life and to have the possibility to deepen your own understanding of the enlightened nature of your own mind.

Tours are only organised in small groups , as well as individual tours with a qualified guide. Once a year a ten days meditation retreat is organised under the guidance of a bhutanese Khenpo.


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